Hi, I'm Anna

 As a photographer, sometimes I find myself in moments when I wonder if I should actually take the photo I see in front of me. Maybe that sounds odd but some moments seem too personal, too sacred, or too beautiful to capture. A certain reverence is found in that. I believed that some moments are only to be remembered in our minds, where they are safe. Man has always tried to represent emotion, painting it, writing it, singing it, acting it, bottling it up and calling it perfume. But sometimes man fails. We give these emotions words like "love" and "pain" but they are always much more than that. And our souls usually remember them best simply by feeling again and taking our minds back there.

Yet as time moved on and as I grew as a photographer, I found that it is those very emotions I crave to fill my view finder. I found that the stories that line this whole earth are the ones I love to tell. 

I've been doing photography for 19 years now. I started with film and the dark room and worked my way into the digital world. I have taken many courses and college classes on the subject as well. I’ve also taken a visual storytelling workshop in the country of Armenia hosted by National Geographic photographer, John Stanmeyer where I was deeply immersed into the love of true photo journalism.

I am also the founder and president of a photography related non profit called Your Light International and you can check that out HERE.

 I am married to my best friend and we have three girls and a boy together that keep gifting me with more emotions to photograph then I ever thought possible. 

I love to do it all- studio and natural light- families, babies, kids, seniors, weddings, births, get togethers, and events- but most of all I'd love to come help you tell your beautiful story.